In this video you see all about Guruparb, Guru Nanak Darbar, Dubai
ndia and the UAE have generally enjoyed cordial relations, partly due to their shared history with the British presence in Asia, and partly due to the pre-colonial history of trade, commerce and settlement between the two nations. Dubai is an Oasis of religious tolerance.
In June 2010, foundations were laid for the Guru Nanak Darbar with all Sikh ceremonies. The-unimaginable has happened. Guru Nanak Darbar was to rise from the sands of Dubai, making it the first ‘official’ Sikh temple in the whole of Gulf. A historic moment for Sikh community. Now there would be a Gurdwara for solemnizing marriages and holding other religious ceremonies. One can’t surpass the Golden Temple but efforts were to build one of the most modern Gurudwara in the world. The dream of the Community was to make it the best after Golden Temple in Amritsar. The Temple was to be the sacred marker of the faith, its repository and its most concrete symbol. It was the permanent spiritual home of the Sikhs. A place where all might gather to worship the One True Godऔर ज्यादा से ज्यादा लाइक करे शेयर करे और आपके इस दोस्त का चैनल subscribe करे
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