Last Exit Dubai – 360° Video & 360° Ambisonic Audio | Experience Virtual Reality. Best to view on Mobile Phone with Headset to appreciate the multi-directional audio.
This is my first attempt to bring the viewer into the middle of the action and experience the Virtual Reality. This uses the combined video from Insta 360° One X and the 360° Spatial Surround audio using the Zoom H2N Digital Audio Recorder.
Leave us some comment if you have any suggestions on how to improve this type of video in the future.

This is a short video of our tour in Ski Dubai last year. Kids are super enjoyed in all the activities inside. We’re in Dubai, Ramadan Last year, May 2019 so all the attractions are not crowded 🙂 When traveling abroad, we usually purchased thru Klook Application for our attraction tickets, as in very convenient, no need to fall in line, or what’s so ever, basta super convenient 🙂 So yun, enjoy watching 🙂 [More]

Memories can never be forgotten! it was a good journey back there in 2019. and i really enjoyed at this place. do visit [More]

Best view in VR Headset + headphone 🎧 for a 3D immersive experience directly on Oculus:
Destination – the famed city of Dubai, UAE. This video will take you to some of the most iconic areas throughout the city. Starting at sunrise of the Atlantis The Palm Dubai, we flying over the desert, land on a beautiful beach overlooking Burj Al Arab Hotel. We then visit a small local mosque and take a 360 peaceful moment in downtown Dubai. We then hop on a Jet Ski and enjoy the adventure life of Dubai. After enjoying the breath-taking sunset at Atlantis hotel, we head over to the Dubai Mall to watch the Burj Khalifa Fountain Show. We end the 360VR travel experience overlooking the Dubai city at night.
Get ready to travel through Dubai in a way that you have never seen before! [More]

Dubai’s incredible indoor theme park
IMG Worlds of Adventure is one of Dubai’s best theme parks, bringing Marvel and Cartoon Network characters to life with state-of-the-art rides. Covering an area of more than 28 football fields, you’ll want to ensure you’re wearing comfortable shoes. [More]

Traffic & Roads agency manages the planning, designing, construction and maintenance of road networks and setting up the traffic and related educational programs alongside the preparation of policies, legislations and technical standards to ensure easy access and safe roads for all. [More]

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Ski Dubai Snow Park Experience with Gavin & Ashlon [More]

#Flyingcupdubai #Flyingcup #DUBAI – actually im scared hahaha and I can’t look down, i have fear of heights yeah! [More]

huling Hirit sa taong 2019…
one of my bucketlist to be experience done.. [More]

In this video is all about my last adventure of 2019 in ski dubai. I hope you like my video and please don’t forget to like and subscribe my channel. #thankyou so much everyone. Have a peaceful new year to one and all.
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IMG Worlds Dubai has this place where you can be Ironman and do what Ironman does!

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It was during the holiday when we decided to have a desert safari experience. One of the most memorable experience here in Dubai. You should try it too. Its a must. [More]

Watch out the Latest video on Camel Riding In The Dubai Desert
| LIVE EXPERIENCE in Desert Safari Tour UAE 2019- 2020 at DEN TV [More]

No matter the number of times, there’s a child-like excitement every time you go on a cruise- isn’t it? Well, this time we went on the Dubai Marina cruise & our experience was fabulous. Take a look! [More]

It was my first time for dune bashing and was nauseated after the ride since I am not into rides. 😂😂 But it was worth it. Did sand boarding and camel riding and was really amazing and my shoes was full of sand. Entered to a campsite, had my henna tattoo on my right arm and the most awaited part was bbq dinner buffet and after an amazing dinner, had watched the last part, the belly dancing. So, I decided that Dubai desert safari is one of the best things to do in UAE. [More]

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