No doubt, the tower itself has been one of the oldest witnesses to change in Dubai, particularly after the construction of the vital underpass in 1982, which at the time was slated as the busiest in the emirate.
Today, the clock tower is used as a landmark, directing visitors and residents around what has become one of the busiest areas in the emirate.

Like many of Dubai’s early architectural projects, the Clocktower was constructed by Overseas A.S.T. in around 1964. However, by 1972, the monument had started to crack and corrode, the steel reinforcements started to mellow, as a result of the unwashed beach sand used for the concrete. Hence, the Clocktower was refurbished in the same year. Dubai’s Clocktower is located in Deira but was not called Deira Clocktower. The Clocktower was erected as a symbol of Dubai and located in Deira because that was where major routes into Dubai converged prior to the building of Dubai – Abu Dhabi Road.
The Clocktower is very accessible from Deira City Centre, from Dubai International Airports 1 and 3, and from major thoroughfares in the district of Deira. Music is entitled Transcending Minds, thanks to Lino Rise.