Cuisine Type: International Buffet
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Restaurant: Bytes by Movenpick Grand – Dubai Internet City
Video Type: Summary (Summary/Vlog/Review) [More]

Brunch in Dubai is an expat tradition, one that we gladly partook in! We ate (everything) at the 56th floor Observatory in the Marriott Dubai Marina. [More]

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Dubai is a city of modernity and superlative structures. Being the largest city in the UAE, Dubai houses some of the most lavish restaurants and the world’s tallest building. Dubai has taken the concept of brunch to a whole new level with an unmissable tradition of the city. Here’s the list of best restaurants in Dubai to have the delicious brunch and eat your way out.

Today I take you guys to check out Scape. Scape is set out on the Terrace at the back of the Burj Al Arab and has a brunch every Saturday. [More]