Poseidon’s Revenge Atlantis Dubai

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Mazhar Khan says:

Did you hold the mobile in your hands

DuckyFuzzPro says:

i did it a month back!! crazy ride…checkout my reaction lol

Vapegeta says:

It has a countdown before the drop that pretty much takes the suspense out of it

Eclipse Dominator says:

That slide tho I went on it and water was shoved up my nose

unowen7591 says:

Just took this ride about an hour ago. Still freaking out about it.

The most terrifying five seconds of my life.

Leslie Tickle says:

i been on that water slide it hurts you back

القناص القحطاني says:

I did that . It was amazing adventure

So Cold says:

This was the beat ride in atlantis i did it 3 times

Aimie Jo says:

When I went, that slide was closed down. I'm not sure if there was an accident or if they needed to get it checked up

Joud Algazlan says:

This was my worse experience ever at Atlantis.
I was kicked out of this ride and i was not given the money back, so basically i did not complete the ride but still had to pay for it. Im 13 years old and weight 42 kilos, and when they checked out my weight the guy at the work stand told me that i was safe to ride, I completed the free fall it was apparently not that scary, the guys who were working there were very humorous and supportive but when i fell and completed the loop, the guy stopped the slide and told me to exit, he told me that i could not make it to the other loop, but i felt the water push me to the other side (could not control it) and then lead me to the scale i went above it and it was a normal good weight, they told me i could not ride the ride because i have exceeded the max limit, People rode this fide and they were heavier than me. And you thought that i was kindly stopped in the middle of the ride and lead helpfully to the exit? No they did not help me and I had to find my own way. So i was stopped by the game and not given back the money and have been badly respected. The others went fine.

Sasuke.7 says:

i remember almost pissing myself here

David Paris says:

Oh fuck no I would never!

iDudeX says:

I went in this. It was so scary.

Iris Rodriguez says:

watching this because of Shane's video

DjPencilNeck says:

so its basically just breakaway falls from aquadica

sophiemiah02 says:

I watched this cause of Shane, is this another video or something??

Sheed S. says:


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