Discover why you should visit the top 5 restaurant in Dubai. They are also places you can get stunning views, fresh food, vegetables, sea food, fresh grains, Fresh and Italian Cuisine, elegant setting fruits and menu for vegetarians,

La Mer Dubai | Amazing Restaurants | Breakfast | 2019 | Now !!!
La Mer presents the best of sun, sea and outdoor fun in Dubai. A fine addition to the city’s urban beach cred, the inspirational destination features wide open spaces with palm tree-lined boulevards, graffiti art murals and laidback charm.
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La Mer Dubai | Amazing Restaurants | Breakfast | 2019 | Now !!!

I feel so pleasure to share my experience having dinner at the best asian food restaurant in Dubai which is Streetery Food Hall. Actually, I was looking for asian food restaurant where they can serve us Malaysia Food and Thai Food. Because these two cuisines I love them so much. If you guys come to Dubai and looking for asian food such as Chinese Food, Malaysia Food, Thai Food and Singapore Food, you can come here. [More]

waqar zaka meets Syed Baqar in Dubai at Jumeirah beach Residence in a restaurant to had dinner and talk about his recent and future shows and activities in Pakistan showbiz. [More]

hello guys , sooooooo this is the last video from my 10 days in Dubai/ vlogmas . Hope you guys have enjoyed my videos so far , click the bell for notification when i upload more videos .
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New year Dubai 2020 Burj Al Arab fireworks

#New year 2020 #Dubai #fire works #Burj Al Arab fire works in full
#ദുബായ് ന്യൂ ഇയർ 2020 [More]

Dubai Burj al arab newyear 2020 Firework

Newyear Night

Dubai New Year 2020 Fireworks | Burj Khalifa New Year Eve 2020 Celebration. [More]

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Check out this unusual video where audience fight sleuth actors. Very intense.
اس وڈیو میں مداح ایکٹر نسیم وکی اور سخاوت ناز سے جھگڑا کر رہے ہیں

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ليش نارين بيوتي تركت اليوتيوب | السبب الحقيقي | لا يفوتكم 😱
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فيديو نارين: [More]

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