On the top of Burj Khalifa’s spire قمة برج خليفة

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Enjoy the amazing view from the top of Burj Khalifa’s Spire, the highest man-made point on earth.

Quote: “The tower wobbles, dreadfully, so if my hand is shaking, it’s not just me.”


500 Subscribers without a video challenge says:

tallest thing in the world is my dick during ercetion

Englishsea24 says:

Listen to that wind at the start!

Hyper Sloth says:

I bet if you were up there you'd see noahs ark pass by! Ha lol!

Hyper Sloth says:

wow almost as high as the tower of babel was!

some guy says:

i click this video not excpeting to see some guys sweaty face

Harry Potter says:

Tallest point in the world is the top of Mount Everest.

Bhasker Katroth says:

I want to see once in alife

Delta Clipz says:

man fuck that you best be putton me on a hundred ropes and a parashuit

WillyM79 says:

Oh my god I would faint and/or pee myself

Bruno Peres says:

um local muito bonito mas tem poucas áreas verdes, só cimenbto e concreto e eles falando ala al lake bar kkkkkkkkkkkk

MrCubelover101 says:

If you think this is too much..the Mt. Everest is ten times higher than this…JUST IMAGINE!

IFreakingEatPeople says:

god damn. fuck doing the punchlist for that building

Jose CDC says:

maravillosa vista

Patrick Allen says:

He said highest man made spot on earth u tools!! Is Everest made by man? I think not u idiot!

scdecade says:

Very simply no.  No way.  You couldn't get me up there for anything.

Aaron Devine says:

u idiot everest is the highest point in the world

Mukund Kulkarni says:

at 00:25 u can see indian names who have constructed burj khalifa……………… indians got talent

Jacob Dalland says:

I am scared of heights, so even this video makes me scared. :S

Matthew Skoog says:

Holy fucking shit that is fucking epic!!!!!!

†Dramatic soul† says:

Desde que conocí este edificio es mi favorito en el mundo… amo Dubai es tan sorprendente… 🙂

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