Nawal Al-Kuwaitia & Fadl Shaker – Ahwel (Kuwaiti Arabic) Lyrics + Translation – نوال وفضل – أحاول

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Some of my personal favorite songs ever.
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Nawal El Kuwaitia (Arabic: نوال الكويتية; born Nawal Thaher Al-Zaid, 18 November 1966) is a Kuwaiti singer and musical icon in the arab world. Nawal is considered by many as the number one singer in the Arab world and is known as Qaitharat Al Khaleej (Harp of Khaliji Song).

Fadel Shamandar Dit Chaker (Arabic: فضل عبد الرحمن شمندر Arabic pronunciation: [fadˤl ʕabdurraħmaːn ʃamandar]) better known as Fadel Chaker (Arabic: فضل شاكر Arabic pronunciation: [fadˤl ʃaːkɪr]; born 1 April 1969) is a Lebanese singer. During his musical career he was signed to Al Khouyoul Records and from 2003 onwards with Rotana Records.


نجوم الليل says:


Hamza Hokan says:

شكرا على المجهود الرائع. اتمنى منك ان تترجم اغنية الاطلال لام كلثوم.

Васси Драконов says:

Such beautiful, romantic song!

Ovet Cola says:

Please nawal methel el nassem

Sweeties Alexa says:

My favorite song thank you .you deserve millions of subscribers and views

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