My Hatta Oman Travel Vlog

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Hi I’m Leah…..I’m currently working and a residence here in Dubai.
I decided to upload this video just to show you of
How beautiful the Hatta Oman Is…

I applied through Online By Cobone

The sight seeing includes:

Hatta Water Dam
Hatta Hill Park
Hatta Heritage Village

But in the cobone It says that the packages includes also
Mountain Safari
Hatta Fort Hotel
and Carpert Market

But we never went there….

I don’t why…maybe because of the timings, because it says 6 hours Mountain Tour
And 6 hour is not enough to visit all places at Hatta.

But we still enjoyed the experiences in Hatta Mountain.

Hope you try to visit it…and try to ask the driver If possible that you can visit all the places that’s written in the Cobone.

Hope you like it my video


Jhovel S. says:

Grabe panget ng ending knock out ako hehehe

RaY Me says:

Wow blogger ka na hehehe

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