Jossy in z house & Millen Hailu – Kokebey – New Ethiopian & Eritrean Music 2019 (Official Video)

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Ethiopian & Eritrean Music : Jossy in z house & Millen Hailu – Kokebey – New Eritrean & Ethiopian Music 2019 (Official Video)
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Jossy we have given you a lot of respect in asmara and you have shown us your idiot idea by interviewing one of the old Ex-Derg officials who were swept out of eritrea and trying to lye and divert our history . you guys know how we love peace but if you try to do it to the left side we know how to knell down you motherfuckers!

Sayyed Firoz says:

Hit like form india

Merhawi Solomon says:

Hamedki ede kelbi nay edaga hamus

hayu adem hayu adem says:

ታምራላችውውውው ለዘረኞች በተለይ አንድነትን ያሳያልልልል

Emaw ድምፅሽ ደስ ይላል ማር ቀጥይበት ማር says:

ጆስዬ የኔ ውድ ስወድህ እኮ ጥግ ድርስ ነው አይላቪዩ ግምጭጭጭጭጭ

TheFhdude says:

Love and peace for Ethiopia and Eritrea. But I don't understand why Ethiopians are making this kind of thing only with Eritreans. How about doing it with our other neighboring countries like Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya etc.? I don't get it.

ለውጠኝ ጌታ እኔም ልለወጥ says:

ጆሲ ምርጥ ሰው

kadija indris says:

waaaaw harif naw tagabu

Tesfalem Tesfalem says:

Josi enga eritrawyan lewededen mar nn gn lk endante yetdebeqe telko yizo eminqesaqes sew gn meret west meqber sayhon be esat nw emnaqatlh be agerachen endatmeta yihe hula dislike emtayew eritrawi yalhbet dres yimetalhal eritrea demm yetkegelebat ye sweatochachen stota nat endante ayne afe qibe aytallenm egrhn ena ejhn yize quch bel:::

Amanuel says:

Kem eritrawi meten zkoralki zneberku Mili btami hazine beza derfi

the poor guy says:

Damn !! Girl wtf

ተዋብ የማርያም ልጅ Tidurrአልፈራም says:

ዋዉ ደስ እሚል ሙዝቃ

Hewi Hewi says:

Wawawawawa yebde naw

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