Hiba Tawaji – Christmas Medley (LIVE 2019) / هبه طوجي – اغاني الميلاد

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Hiba Tawaji – Christmas Medley (LIVE 2019) / هبه طوجي – اغاني الميلاد

Performed at: Sacré Coeur-Frères Gemmayze
Taken From “Hiba Tawaji – The Christmas Concert”

Mon Beau Sapin
Original German Title:
O Tannenbaum
Lyrics: Ernst Anschütz
Adaptation & orchestration: Oussama Rahban

Petit Papa Noël
Written by Raymond Vincy
Composed by Henri Martinet
Adaptation & orchestration: Oussama Rahbani

Il est né le divin enfant
Traditional 19th Century French Carol.
Based on luke 2:6
Adaptation and orchestration: Oussama Rahbani

Musical Director: Oussama Rahbani
Produced & Conducted By: Oussama Rahbani
Organized By: L’Amicale des Anciens de Mont La Salle
Voice of Heaven Choir (Dir. Georges Chaaya)
Artistic & Creative Director: Pascale Sayegh Zgheib
Project Manager: Georges El Hayek, ADD Events
Directed By: Fady Al Haddad
An Oussama Rahbani Production

Powered by Watary Production : http://goo.gl/r0OaLk



Nabil says:

Aah, Christian Arabs. The product of the forced conversion by the crusaders. Now only to convert to Western Christianity. Interesting evolution.

Abdullah Emawi _ Tik Tok says:

يلي بيحب هبة يحط اشتراك ♥️♥️

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