Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Vlog 2nd December 2019

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Join us as we visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi for the very first time and experience this massive indoor theme park

Ferrari World opened in 2010 and is famous for housing Formula Rossa, the worlds fastest roller coaster reaching an incredible top speed of 149mph

This fantastic theme park is also home to many other amazing rides including Flying Aces, Turbo Track, many dark rides and other attractions

Vlog and ride footage is all filmed in HD 1080p 60fps using a GoPro Hero 6 Black with official accessories


kyle mcnee says:

Where is Lisa

Alex Carr says:

We paid about £110 for a hopper ticket for all 3 Yas Island parks (Ferrari World, Warner Bros and Yas Water World) online in October last year. It does pay (literally) to book in advance.

Paynefull Vlogs says:

Place looks massive! Needs to get those coasters open though. They've been SBNO for a while now. Awesome vlog as always

Wind Sock says:

Hi Andy, this building does look like it needs more attractions, but the theming on flying aces looks awesome, that's one queue you don't mind waiting in. 61 pounds seems a bit steep for the number of rides there, does anyone know why the finished coaster is not running. Hope you get to motiongate Andy. Then I can give you my thoughts to.

Theme Park Insanity says:

32:32 I thought you were going to say 'at 140 minutes' xD

Hard Worker says:

Have they slowed formula rossa down as it don't look as fast as when felipe massa and fernando alonso rode it.

Smith says:

Ahh damm, I was only there on 28TH.
It was really strange though, Formula 1 weekend and the car park, same as you experienced, was completely empty.
The people over there seem to come out of nowhere lol

Zak Sharman says:

I hate parks that dont allow filming on rides

Tracey Beerling says:

Hi Andy looks amazing. We could really benefit from one of these here in the UK especially with our weather . We have it to keep dry they have it to keep cool . Really enjoyed thanks for sharing with us. Love to you both xxxxx

Ljs_adventure says:

What squadron were you at mate? I was 285 coulsdon and purley and 615VGS. Rank of cpl, with senior cadet, marksman and AGT. Had camps at Coltishall, conningsby and wittering to name a few. I won cadet of the year for my region back in 2003 🙂 I did put in for sgt and CWO but i was also at the VGS so didn't have time for it all.

Greg Hudson says:

They did actually have a log flume once, it was where Mission Ferrari is currently still being built

Kevin Cross says:

No reply, for my comment to you , Andy. Everyone else gets a reply, except me, I'm hurt !! Lol.

themepark kieran says:

Ferrari lands buildings I think are better themed but the rides do look better hear apart from redforce as that is a good coaster

kkrispy2009 P says:

Amazing blog andy and lisa , thumbs up 5 stars , love dhabi hope you have a amazing time , both , 14 days to xmas happy xmas and new year both bring on 2020 season

Anthony Thackham says:

Cool vlog great looking park happy Christmas and look forward to the fun fair season next year

Keiran Hyre says:

Great vlog andy

Oldskool Raver says:

While the building and all looks nice, it does look quite empty and not much rides. With only coasters and dark rides for $61.

RideExpedition says:

on redforce the goggles are for the first 3 rows but they mainly have it on just the front

Gerard Olivier says:

flatrides really missing there

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