Dubai Vacation – Abu Dhabi, Emirates Palace, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Ferrari World

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You can’t have a Dubai vacation and not visit Abu Dhabi! To see The Emirates Palace and have a coffee with gold dust is fun but to enter The Ferrari World is something really exciting. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is very impressive and it’s must see while you are there!
Abu Dhabi is behind Dubai in developing their infrastructure and tourist industry and they are about to change that. The cityt is about to expload with new projects for billions of dollars. In the next 5 years Abu Dhabi will be the next Wonder of the World!


The Waiter's Academy says:

Yep, everything in Dubai is THE BIGGEST 🙂

Travel InStyle says:

Dubai is a blast! So much fun, so much luxury!

Natasicaca says:

I love this video! Abu Dhabi is gorgeous!
P.S. What language is this… I think I recognize some words and sentences… oh I am hallucinating? 😀 I am almost sure that you said something like "Beli pyasci , kristalnata voda…"… Or no?

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