Dubai Palm Jumeirah Monorail

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The Palm Jumeirah Monorail in Dubai is a very stylish and modern monorail system transporting visitors to the Atlantis Hotel, the AquaVENTURE water park, and the Lost Chambers Aquarium, while providing incredible views of the Palm Islands!

I included a 3.5x time-lapse of the route at the end of the video!


citticat2 says:

Dose the metro stop at one of these stops for the Fairmont Palm Hotel?

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Tea Mati says:

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Ranks Productions says:

Great video

Jasmine vill says:

I love it so much

Jasmine vill says:

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Thomas1980 says:


Peter Cachovan says:

Very modern land,high tech is everywhere around people…

We do anything Salim says:

Dubai ne to america ko bhi pichay chod diya

princessah kydahom says:

How much the ticket please ?

Rolando Benitez says:

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kM. love says:

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Gags Hdhdh says:


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very nice……………………………………….The quality of the video is very good

Vasanth Selvam says:

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