Dubai Flow Motion in 4K – A Rob Whitworth Film

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My first impressions of Dubai were consumed with the spectacle of super tall buildings jutting out of the desert sands, however the lasting impression was the wonder of the desert, and its importance to the Emirati people.

Dubai may be home to the world’s most outrageous skyline but Dubai’s desert dunes and historical creek are where you’ll find the city’s heart. This video comes with the promise of vertigo but ultimately captures the unique energy of Dubai, a city where the warmth of its people tempers the steel of its awe inspiring structures… some of which we encounter up close.
A special thank you to Dubai Film for making this project possible and providing the extraordinary access I was granted to realise this story.

Sound Design: Slava Pogorelsky

Rob Whitworth


Ridwan Mohammed says:

This is impossible

T F says:

UEA is Jannah of Middle East

KranWien - Tower Crane says:

jese how long does it takes to make a movie like this


DubaiLand: Top of The Top

Pemandangan Udara says:

Woowwww nice

Tan Man says:

Oh fuck Dubai already who cares. They treat women like shit and hate America.

kiran ravindranath says:

epic hardwork great one of course

Francium! says:

Damnn.. congratulations to Rob Whitworth… your film was worth it!! Damn dudee that's preety insane

Amey Bhavsar says:

This video. The effort behind it. And the happiness to make it. All would be infinite.

Ade putrama says:

You are talented

George Harris says:

Dubai is Best Country, Best Happines, Best Life, Best People, All Humble There Are,
The Kings Kingdom World

mansoor alemad says:

beautiful video , but maybe it took to long and hard work to bring this video , just aswome

Ondřej Průša says:

divine video and great superpowers in postproduction. I applaud and give my thumbs up !!!
Božské video a suprová práce v postprodukci. Tleskám a dávám palec na horu.

Noah Bolt says:

Absolutely incredible and inspiring. Some of the best work I've ever seen!

WOW says:

wow real heaven on Earth

ozgur karadag says:

People are awesome……

SneakerUpdate says:

Bro how do u shoot please explain

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