Dubai Downtown Walkthrough feat. Burj Khalifa | Dubai Dancing Fountain

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It’s Christmas Day and the whole fam decided to stroll around Dubai Downtown. Dubai Downtown started the whole New Dubai movement. It starts from here and goes all the way to the south.

Much of the development in Dubai Downtown centers around The Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa. It is here that you will also find the Dubai Opera.

Dubai is at its most glowing during winter. You would appreciate the city lights more when you are able to walk around and feel the cool breeze.

If you are a tourist or if you plan to visit Dubai, come and do so during winter. Winter normally starts in November and ends in March.

The city just has a different vibe during this period. It feels just more alive.
Christmas Songs:
The Nash and Luke Show
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We are Nash and Lukas and we are expat kids in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Come and join us in our adventure as we show you Dubai, the UAE and the rest of the world through our eyes.


The Nash and Luke Show says:

Dubai Aquarium 0:49
Burj Khalifa 4:44
Dubai Opera House 5:19
Dubai Dancing Fountain 6:49
Burj Khalifa Light Show 9:25
Dubai Downtown 11:27

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