Dubai Burj Al Arab The World Most Luxurious Hotel HD

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DJBeatDropz says:

I am in Dubai now its beutiful

robbybobbyable says:

I wish I was one of those kids

Shapree Marshall says:

Very beautiful


Would love to see this place not just in my Dream

Shams Qayoumi says:

you need to work 5 yrs to spend an hour there

mix masala says:

Very very very very nice background music very good

Pete T says:

Since when is 360p HD video

Piyal and Mohul Show says:

I have been in burj al arab for ten days

shahnawaj alam says:

Help poor instead of spending nights there ..that gives more peace.

Saurabh Kashyap says:

I want to do job in this hotel as a chef

imran diwan says:


Mohammad Zahed says:

Eid MUBARAK To All….✌

aMaaN aSHRaF says:

Had wonderful experience, love dubai

braian oconer says:

great music. whats name music???

Gowtham Kiran says:

In my dream Dubai I m coming for you

sssSsss sssSsss says:

I don't like luxurious

Rahul Raj says:

I'll be there ☺️

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