Dolphin Bay Atlantis || The Dolphin Show During Pandemic

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In mid-2020, we went to see the dolphin show in Atlantis the Palm Dubai. Located ideally in the man-made island in Palm Jumeirah. The dolphin show is on in a limited scale due to the pandemic.
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So check out this video about the dolphins, the ocean superstar.
In October 2007, the hotel received a shipment of 28 bottlenose dolphins from the Solomon Islands, to be used as part of their aquarium exhibit, called Dolphin Bay. The move was decried by several environmental groups, particularly for the fact that the export of dolphins had earlier been banned by the Solomon Islands government (after a similar controversial shipment to Mexico). Hotel managers have said that though the dolphins are being trained to interact with visitors, they will not appear in any sort of show or circus-like performance. They have also stated that the health of the dolphins is paramount, and because the bottlenose is not an endangered species, their shipment did not pose a problem. The deal was done with the approval of the United Arab Emirates and Solomon Island governments, through the company Solomon Islands Marine Mammal Education Centre and Exporters Limited.
The dolphin bay authority is putting the safety of the dolphins in a top priority regarding the coronavirus. Visitors are not allowed to go close to the dolphins for the time being. Thus we missed the chance to swim with the dolphins.
This is a unique opportunity which should not be missed if you are visiting the Atlantis the Palm Dubai.


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