Burj Khalifa – Dubai New Year’s Eve Fireworks 2012

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Spectacular countdown celebration marked Downtown Dubai New Year’s Eve Gala 2013, attracting over 1 million visitors. The event featured extraordinary lake show ‘Water, Fire & Light’ and iconic Burj Khalifa fireworks which where synchronized to a live performance by Prague Philharmonic Orchestra


Magdalena Kovářová says:

to musel byt supr ohnostr

titus322 says:

Orgy of money…!

XxAgeofLegendxX says:

wat vidoe game is dis ? os it of cod or sumting or is a carton?

Jarrod V says:

This is fucken retarded polute more plz


now thats what i call a specle!.

chiffmonkey says:

Published on 31 Dec…. by a time traveller.

Vampir Doc says:

дубай ая мечта 

Mustafa Ashraf says:

what is Islam?

zhacc says:

Guys stop discussing the next terrorist attack to america! silly terrorists!

huda hussein says:

Fuck dubai that is not islam

radwa hassan says:

wow really i feel sorry for you no muslim country force women to wear veil muslims or not except for saudia and for the dog thing it is a personal thing you can keep a a dog or not just donot believe anything that is said to you unless you saw it with your own eyes

Anthony says:

Yea..your right

nubletacc says:

2:49 how called that music? name?:)))

roywhiteo5 says:

sucks to be a tennant in that building. trying to get some sleep and fireworks start exploding outside your window

Princess Jacqueline Zayzay says:

Wow beautiful fireworks

Bennie Ch-Divi Filius says:

Tell me something more about that,i would really like to know.Thanks

SpideYDxB says:

u shut up talking shit about my home country …. your embarrassment to islam go to hell

WarTheBar says:

Dig a hole. die.

naila3334 says:

iran my ass

Maria Kourri says:

i was there !

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