Burj Al Arab – Leave the Ordinary Behind

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Designed to resemble a billowing sail, Burj Al Arab soars to a height of 321 metres, dominating the Dubai skyline. This all-suite luxury hotel in Dubai reflects the very finest that the world has to offer, a luxury hotel where you can truly leave the ordinary behind. http://www.burjalarab.com



what an hotel…luxury…comfy…and well built…

elaineyjolie says:

Julien Monie!

33bigmoney says:

man falling from a skyscaper? nobody seems to care in the video

Wiesiek Nowak says:

Tam jest cudownie *-*



Tangential_Tangine says:

I'm sorry, but in real life, that guy would have died. Neat ad campaign though!

Alberto Martinez says:

I had and orgasm watching this video

Nyankana says:

Do people really jump into the ocean? Most luxurious experience, ever!

Noor Zeenab says:

can you actually dive of the top?

izeliya1 says:

amazing video ammmmaaaaaaazing 🙂 a love Dubai

Ramprasad Natarajan says:

This ad is so astounding … Is that guy really jumping from that height, then, o what a performance … OR Is this just excellent camera work … AND.OR If both, what a perfect take 🙂 Can some one attempt a similar feat here in India from our very own jog falls or similar heights … remember Mani Rathnam's Raavan movie which had a similar small scene at Hogenakkalu Falls in Karnataka-Tamil Nadu borders … 🙂 BUT no comparison to this ad anywhere … so good … must watch … 🙂

Angel Pérez says:

I want this soundtrack im tired of looking for it and nothing. Any help?

عبدالرحمن المرخان says:

last time i gone to dubai was when i was in the hilton hotel next time i'm going to برج العرب

haytham alghamdi says:

please i need the song name

abdulomara says:

make your ads by local companies> just saying

Hotelvid.io says:

mindblowing hotel!!!!

ahyeon choi says:


sultan sultan says:

أحلا فندق في العالم 🙂

Chowdhury Wasif Ahnaf says:

I also love dubai

Shehab Hazzaa says:

0:21 WTH, the most amazing view i have ever seen

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