Burj al Arab Hotel, Dubai – Sunset

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Sunset at the Burj Al Arab the world’s biggest luxury hotel in Dubai, UAE. We had a drink at the Al Muntaha bar located 200 metres above the Persian Gulf, offering stunning views of Dubai and the artificial palm islands. The Burj Al Arab hotel is definitely one of the most beautiful buildings from the outside. The interior can be described in two words: extreme opulence.


lama loe says:

are you so stuped to say that its fake :W
go to dubay "arabic country" and see it if you didnt find it i swear i will pay for you :W
ur so stuped

Xx815M47xX says:

I'd love to see a video that showed the whole hotel from top to bottom but no one makes any like that

prospecops says:

how much did it all cost

salwa shaikh says:

its bueatiful


i bet u weren't in a suit and didn't turn up in a rolls royce

aurangzaib khan says:

i like dubai

up2usampad1 says:

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Matthias Lüfkens says:

I was filming with a flip cam but maybe times have changed…

agentdark64 says:

I went there and within 2 seconds of walking in the door with my camera they told me I cannot film there.. I even have the stupid bitch on camera telling me I cannot film. And they have a security guard standing at the fountains who seems to all day tell people they can't film and does nothing else. Over priced and I didn't get to film inside

The Joker says:


R CM says:

check the video "sheikh mohammed mision imposible 4"

Matthias Lüfkens says:

@agentdark64 yes i guess so…

agentdark64 says:

Are they ok with you filming inside even if you are not staying there?

Sheraz M says:

worlds biggest cross and biggest symbol of demon illuminati —> burj al arab even from inside outside and from top.. very clever

MrDiana7 says:

fountain is smth amazing!!!

hestehumor says:

It's nice to say I have tried this. It belongs in every lists of the worlds best hotels, but because of it's fame the rates is a bit too high.

kjm1 says:

@Str8FromDaGutter u gottabe kidding me … mkjdkdjs

Sky Land says:

@56urokij نأتي بالغرب ليبنوا لنا ، و يأتو هم ليستمتعوا بما بنو !!!

yoyodedebum says:

i wanna be there righ now,ur soooooo lucky, i just cant afford it 🙁

manoj kumar says:

One day i will b stay in burj al arabhotel. Touchwood

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