Beautiful Azan (Call to prayer) at Burj Khalifa & Dubai Mall برج خليفة ودبي مول الأذان

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Beautiful Azan at Burj Khalifa 5 times everyday by Sheikh Mansour Al Zahrani.
برج خليفة ودبي مول الأذان

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Bilal Sheikh Dawah says:

Allah Hu Akbar

Md Salman says:


Talal Shah says:


Irfan Shaik says:

Kya aawaaz hai mashallah

John Abraham says:

Allha is almighty,, allha is 1,,allha want do can everything,,allha is great



Grish gupta says:

I m not Muslim but i have gone dubai and listen this prayer and now it is my favorite prayer ever

xiaomi India says:

One think all Muslim read please

When azan is going on please doesn't talk
When azan going repeat the azan means you also read azan it will give you nekiya please.

ماجد العمر says:

الله مصلي على النبي

Zareen Hossenee says:

Masha Allah alhamdulilah so peaceful when you heard azaan..

hawai chappal says:

Islam is truth religion no doubt

Athar Manzoor says:

Masha Allah

Jabeer Saheb says:

Masha allah

Ningthou Ali says:



wow.nice voice.masa Allah

dimpy gulati says:

I am Hindu. This is absolutely beautiful.

Ding Dong says:

Masha Allah subhan Allah

Rashid_kakar says:

the guyd voice is beutiful

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