Atlantis Waterpark Dubai

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Nandhitha kumar says:

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Hani Trihapsari says:

Atlatis plak dubai

Sejir Hb says:

Lovley view

Sejir Hb says:

Lovley view

Артур Султанов says:


Imar Osanhh says:

gonna go there in december 2013

14masterjimmy says:

Went there in 2011, wanna go back 🙁

Michael Give says:

Там все что- то делают, как бедные, так и богатые.

jack101121 says:

thats what i am telling the people

Fatma Ibrahim says:

hey ill tell u something well all the religions no matter what theyre all equal but to god islam is the most because we believe in him .

Fatma Ibrahim says:

its burj khalifa

Dubai Eiffel Tower says:

Have you guys heard of the Dubai Eiffel Tower, it looks amazing!!

Wilfred Odinga says:

i have been there so many times! COOL!!!!!

sean fretwell says:

I was there at Christmas

Sayyara Hasanli says:

I was there few days ago. Amazing place… I love it,

Lee Claxton says:

How has this video got so manyt views?

fairy dust says:

My mum just told me we are going this year!!! For the second time

aldo romano says:

futuro adesso tocca a noi arabi… l islam e religione de respietoo.noi nn siamo dietro di voi ..noi andiamo piano piano,adesso e mondo de la teclogiaa .t.t mondo lo sa..vieni vedere qui em calabria e sardegna gente come vivano …con t.t meu respetto e pegioooo de arabi.

aldo romano says:

e verrissimo troppo bellissimo.
ufffffff ..ufffffffff io ho t.t mia famiglia li ma mai sono andatoooo.

jack101121 says:

and the west is saying muslims and islam are far behind us, they are from the past
haha the only 7 stars hotel in the world is in an islamic country

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