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Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai is a truly spectacular development located on Palm Jumeirah. Covering over 113 acres and offering 1539 rooms and suites, Atlantis, The Palm features two towers linked by an arch and becomes Dubai’s first truly integrated resort. Major attractions include the 42-acre water-themed amusement park known as Aquaventure and the Lost Chambers, the resort’s undersea city both free to guests (saving £146 per visit per couple). Here guests can explore the mysterious ruins of Atlantis where thousands of different species of marine life swim around you in the labyrinthine Ambassador Lagoon. Not to be missed is the magnificent four and a half hectare Dolphin Bay, a delight for adults and children alike. Accommodation is of the highest standard and restaurants are of course in abundance; this is Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai — prepare for the ‘wow’ factor.

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Paul Wales says:

PHOTOSHOPPED IMAGES – Across the small bay stands a massive construction siteDiggers were in operation during September 2015

issa bomb says:

amazing atlantis

Amit Kirtania says:

Itz amazing…


welcome to the magnificient city of luxury called;DUBAIXXX.

motionandcolor says:

nothing illuminati here 🙁

tony boro says:

its actually in persian gulf, not arabian gulf Video Production Dubai says:

well – nice video… just the choice of music could have been better… that is my opinion… otherwise the video is very compact and well produced.. I am in this business too, so perhaps I can share my thoughts.. good job..

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how much does it cost for the room with aquarium&.

amna saleem says:

i have been there, its like a dream ps i live in dubai

Virgofenix says:

I have nothing against Atlantis but the rest of Palm Jumeirah is garbage. They really messed up the housing with lots so tightly packed that people are living on top of each other.

Hayden Roers says:

i am going there on APRIL 6 2013!!!!!!!!!!!

falundafa says:

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juel says:

i was there 2 times
next year i go again

epiccheese911 says:

why it's epic

yousaflol says:

no dont lolololololol

lucy lolzor says:

every mermaids dream!

King of Eden says:

How much is this, like $67,000 a night …

Naser Almansoori says:

im going to atlantis dubai today i suggest everyone from around the world to go there:)

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