Amazing Fountain @ Dubai Festival City Mall. # my spring break Vacation 2019

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Unique sensory experience, harnesses the power of light, water and fire, combined with giant aqua screens 30 fountain and surround sound to connect with audiences and produce a show like never seen before.
Absolutely amazing.

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Jacqueline Villanueva says:

sobrang ganda ng mga fountain na may ibat ibang ilaw maraming salamat humanga talaga ako dito

charlene dreambucketlist says:

I like the watershow looks colorful

Ruby Brun says:

ang ganda kapatid

GRayce Vlog says:

Ay ang ganda ng water show jan sa dubai naalala ko tuloy sa animal kingdom ganyan din last show nila pag gabi. Binisita na kita baka busy ako bukas.

alfredo perea says:


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