30 min. Carspotting at the Dubai Mall (41-46 cars) = Dubai has more cars in less time…

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Mohmmed Showkath Showkath says:

this is super car I fill full asoame

o no dont do tis dnt play wit hand save it says:

Who drive there is luck only ..


I actually enjoyed this video. Few genuine people like you left out there, great job!

La estrella Diaz says:

range rover

La estrella Diaz says:

mercedez benz and roll royce and porche

Dubai Day & Night says:

wonderfull video

Shkupjan says:

children die because they have nothing to eat and Muslims playing with money SubhanAllah

there are many muslims but little Mu'min

iB4TREK says:

i'm arabian and i have corolla 2011 …ummn i should do bisens for mercedes benz s-class

Leomar Diroche says:

instead of honda accords and toyota camrys they drive porsche 911/panemara

Nidia hay pobre en dubai Cabrera says:

hay pobre en dubai

Chris Sweeney says:

Tacky country and tacky people…

The Baloch says:

Me driving forzi mercedes rang rover and lexuz


Hi Patrick!

Krasse Compilation! Wenn man es aber so sieht, dann ist London in der Hinsicht fast genau so krass, weil die YouTuber dort Autos wie einen G63 oder einen 991 Carrera S gar nicht filmen, sondern nur die "richtig heftigen" Wagen. Wobei ein 400 PS schon sehr geil ist…

Lasse Riise says:

Maybe I'l drive down there with my 2011 Saab turbo? Then they'll see something much more unique, than anything parked in this entire city.

LP750-4 SV says:

imagine if you have so many luxury cars when it comes to changing oils how will you do it and not only that but also their maintenance and the car washing?

Roger Mollo Hino says:

3:06  Dodge Charger??

Brock Hawkins says:

Their G Class is like our Honda Civics…

Escalade50 says:

That car at 2:24 really nice i like the red top on it

Marco Crol says:

Where is this? I can only find the normal parking garage and the valet parking outside the mall.

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