2 best rides in Atlantis aqua park, Dubai

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Sbl Lpz says:

it looks like cancun mexico

Jorge IstheONE says:

That is one slide

reena jain says:

Amazing we r going to atlantis for two nights really excited

Shikhar Neogi says:

You are the worst youtuber

S.A.D with shadow the hamme says:

The first one looked scary

pragya chanddel says:

Potty sussu

jhen pascasio says:

EDI wow labas mga Filipino diyan

مريزيق حصيبان says:

يزين كسس

Teddynage says:

There is only one ride not two rides

Omid Gola says:

The leap of faith was open but not the other one

Omid Gola says:

When I went in August they were not open but I am going again this year it looks cool!

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