10 Next Megaprojects of Dubai 2020

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Dubai projects for the Expo Dubai 2020, such as new artificial islands, the new tallest building in the world or cities with artificial lagoons. Subscribe ►https://bit.ly/2lBvelI


Top10 Files says:

Recommended video ▶https://youtu.be/_imrbA8PNZY "10 Most Amazing Attractions in the World"

Minni Gunderstuen says:

Lovely place Dubai ❤️

zerek Lo activated says:

Dubai please help us the poor people. The world apppreciate you more than your infrastructure.

Ferdinand Tambungui says:

Dubai’s debt is ballooning.
The Dubai government's own debt is estimated at $65 billion, 56% of GDP in 2019.
Source: Reuters.com

DJ Briondan says:

all that is possible becoz Dubai is a rich country…

John Maszka says:

I think you should warn potential tourists of the endemic corruption and gross inequality in the UAE. My wife and I went to a restaurant on the Corniche in Abu Dhabi for our wedding anniversary, and we both got severe food poisoning. We ended up spending the entire evening in the emergency room until 2am. My food poisoning was so bad that I was hospitalized for a week! The name of the restaurant is Patron Meat House, and the owner is Emirati. He was such a jerk! Not only did he refuse to compensate us for our hospital expenses, he was too stingy to even refund our meal! Worse yet, when I filed a complaint with the Abu Dhabi Health Department, they closed it almost immediately despite the fact that my wife and I both had medical documentation proving that we contracted food poisoning. But the nightmare was only beginning. The owner filed criminal charges against me for reporting the food poisoning. He claimed that I "shamed" him. Abu Dhabi Crime Investigation Unit harrased me for a week while I was recovering, and insisted I come in for questioning. When I finally went in, the Abu Dhabi prosecutor wanted to arrest me on the spot. That's how corrupt the system is. Rich Emiratis can poison people with impunity and if you complain they can have you arrested. The only reason I avoided arrest was because I was still to sick, and I was still being treated by a doctor. But the Abu Dhabi court pursued the matter, and an attorney explained that I was facing 2 years in prison and the equivalent of a $150,000 fine. Mind you, I'm a university professor and I've never been in trouble before in my life. Fortunately, we were able to sneak across the border into Oman, but it was a horrible experience to say the least.

85khaing says:

expo wont be done because of covid 19

Andrew Ayad says:

Truly the best city in the world along with Abu Dhabi <3

Uthman Baro says:

Dubai you have to help the poor country,s in the world, is a test for u

Ντένη Μαρκορά says:

bro… who pays for all of these?

tayav ur rahman says:

muslim cuntry

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